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Connect The Spiritual Dots

There  is only One Truth- if missed can send a soul down the wrong path- the Path of Destruction. 

Satan's desire is that one would miss it and often seal their own fate.

Did you properly connect these spiritual dots?

Wandering Traveler

The Message of The Gospel of The Kingdom of God is where it was suppose to have started for those professing Christ!

The Original Good News to Mankind

The Gospel= Good News of The Kingdom of God was a message  that  Christ came into the earth realm as the Redemptive News for a dying mankind. -Mark 1:14-15 This simple Good News was proclaimed to tell mankind, that another Government has invaded earth; The Kingdom of God - His Rule that has come to relieve mankind of it's basic ills of sickness, disease, misplacement and demonic presences that has seized hold of them. 

This is the ONLY Gospel once received will lead one to Eternal Life- 

The True Church

True Christ Followers

Christ established only 1 True Church- The Bride of Christ! Revelation 12- Properly identifying this, would have saved many from wasted time sitting in what many call "houses of worship"- under leadership that has no understanding and interest in Making Yeshua the Head of His Church

Wheat Field

The Path that Many will not find

The Narrow Way

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.-

Matthew 7:14-15

There is only 1 path to eternal life and The Word of God says that few will find it. 


Many as of yet, have found the wide way! There have many  flocked  to it . 

Yet, the one path, that leads to Eternal Life, only those with Guidance from The Holy Spirit, will  know the way thereof and find it!


The Real Gospel that will Cost you Everything!

Be Made Perfect

What Gospel do you know about, that will cost you everything you have-that which we love on the earth?

The Gospel of The Kingdom of God is the Only Gospel, that will ask for everything you have- in exchange for Eternal Life!

Mark 12:21

Image by Ryan Parker
Sunset in the Forest

The Whole Duty of Mankind

Keep The Sabbath of The Lord-Rest and Repose

The Government of God manages ALL Kingdoms under  it's rule. As we watch the harmony in the animal Kingdom-for example, we see the simplicity of how The Government of  God rules in the earth!  

What then is the whole  Duty of man- Here is the conclusion of the Matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, because this is the whole duty of man-Ecclesiastes 12:13

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