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Our Current Assignment

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"It's Time"-saith The Lord,  is the word I got on December 3rd, 2022. 

We are no doubt living in the end of days, where the end-time events now upon us, will be rapid ones! 


My latest Assignment and  New Mantle, is nothing more than an honor to send out a 'sound" and "air-siren" of final warnings of things that are here and now to come. This assignment is a private assignment with increasingly private instructions on how to proceed, that makes it more honorable. 


The Region is which I live, holds a key significance on being given this Assignment and future assistance, as we proceed in to this next critical junction of end-time events! 

I am beyond honor to have been given the ultimate Assignment, and The New Mantle now draped over my life, as we approach the Coming of The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords- Shalom!

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