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Seeking Present Day Truth?

Scroll Down-We Answer Spiritual Questions

  • What is Present Day Truth?
    Currenly present day Truth can be found in two (2) books that are now unsealed- The Book of Daniel and The Book of Revelation. We are currently living in the end of days. Many Nations have questions- you can find Present Day Truth in those unsealed Books!
  • Why do I feel like I am missing something?
    According to The Book of Daniel Chapter 12: 10 many will be purified and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall undestand. Many do not understand what is happening aroound them- often as the result of errored doctrine and the lack of understanding of The Gospel of The Kingdom of God- Mark 1:14-15. Simply asking for understanding- starts the processing of understanding the end of days!
  • Are our current events-  really now the end times?
    Yes, our current events are truly the end times and the end of days! Yeshua clearly shared what would be the signs of the last times found in the 4 Gospels, The Book of Enoch and other lost Books of the Bible. The End of Days have to be discerned- as many will not understand what they are seeing around them and by so, failed to discern times and season!
  • Is The Mark of The Beast Happening Now?
    Yes, according to Revelation Chapter 13- The Mark of The Beast is being fulfilled now. This occurrence has to be spiritually discerned. The Mark of The Beast has all to do with Worship. What allegiances will you give to be able to Buy and Sell. Many will gladly accept The Mark of The Beast! This Mark is opposite to The Seal of God, and will mark those that have agreed to the Beast system and the requirements to operate in it!
  • I am expecting The Rapture! Should I even really be concerned, about what is happening around me?"
    Many are expecting "The Rapture"- and by numerous errored docrines, told that they need not be concerned about what is happening around them as "The Rapture" will happend and they will not be here. Yeshua warned in Mattew Chapter 24; and Mark Chapter 13 about The Signs of His Coming and a Great Tribulation such that has never been. Mark 13:26-37- then explains the timeline of what comes next- His Appearing! It is critical that we understand a timeline of these events! Many have failed to discern them and perhaps have and will set themselves up for great distress and the ultimate offense in God!
  • I am Troubled and Concerned about having to take a "shot"- what do I do?"
    A Mandatory "vaxx" is what many are facing! The "manditory" is only for those that are not True Christ Followers and have not put ultimate Trust in a Living God- that which has created Mankind and provide all of their needs. Is this "shot" manditory?. You many want to know. No!!- it is not manditory, as you have a will to choose- Choose Your Creator!
  • I have taken this "vaccine" aka "Shot"- what do I do?"
    Many have taken this experimental shot- that has been authorized for "emergency" use only" and not "FDA Approved"- and are now having injuries daily and are afraid. We wish we had something better to share-however, we can not give much information, except that this was not a vaccine but a Gene- Therapy! Which is causing the change of one's DNA/RNA. These changes are rendering many GMO- genetically modified! There is not much anyone can do once they have taken the "shot", but to try and minimize the damage that it will cause at some point. Please know that, this has been a hard subject for us and many others to process.
  • My pastor said- that this was not "The Mark of The Beast" but the prelude to what's coming, is this true?"
    Well actually, that is not correct! I am finding that many are stuck in errored doctrine that does not support that the 'The Mark of The Beast" is a RFID chip that will be place in the hand and the forehead. Although Revelations speaks of the exact placement of such "Mark"- it does not confirm such method of the traditional "RFID chip" being a tell-tell sign of The Mark of The Beast! In fact, 'The Mark of The Beast has to be individually discerned by and through The Holy Spirit! This "Mark" has several components to it, making discernment much needed, to avoid it's deception. I recommend that you seek The Holy Spirit's Counsel and not a mere man- before it is too late and your soul has been forfieted!
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